Derivative characters of Erwin and Levi(human version)


The author:SAYAYA (Twitter:@388AOT)
The translator:Chusyaki (Twitter:@ak_1014_1225)
Japanese version:エルヴィン・リヴァイの派生キャラクター(人間編)

This page is a summary of characters derived from Erwin and Levi that were created through original, spin-offs, and collaborations.

Derivative characters(human version)

A collection of derivative characters! Can you guess who’s who?

Drawing by Isayama-sensei

Original Comics

Serialized in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine(別冊少年マガジン)” (2009 – 2021).
Total 139 episodes. Total 34 volumes.
There is an adult version and a child version.

KODANSHA USA Official Website:Attack on Titan, Volume 1

Adult version
  • Erwin

Square reader→The 13th commander of The Survey Corps.

  • Levi

Captain of The Survey Corps.

Children Version

Erwin and Levi’s childhood.
Erwin’s childhood appears in Volume 14, Episode 55 “Pain”, and Levi’s childhood appears in Volume 17, Episode 69 “Friends”.

The two supposedly had no contact in their childhoods, but

  1. In the original drawing of the scene where Erwin asks a question in the classroom in volume 14, episode 55 of the comics, “Pain”, there is a child who looks exactly like Levi in the unseen part.
    It was exhibited at the Final Exhibition of AOT in 2019 (A little bit of it can be seen on the right side of the page in the comics.)
  2. In the opening of season 3 part 1 of the anime, the two of them as children are shown passing each other.

…etc, there’s room for interpretation.

Attack on School Castes

A series of beginning the end of volume 21 of the original comics.


A history teacher.
He is a normal history teacher, but he laughs at things that normal people don’t laugh at (quoted from volume 22).
He was turned into a zombie and attacked Levi in “Attack on the Zombie Caste” at the end of volume 29 of the original story.

He appears in Volumes 22, 24, and 29.


A janitor.
He is rumored to have been a bigwig in the underworld in the past, and is feared by everyone in the school except a few people (quoted from volume 22).
In “The Zombie Castes” at the end of volume 29 of the original story, he is attacked by a zombified Erwin and fights with a mop, but is eaten.

He appears in Volumes 22, 23, 24, and 29.

A must-see episode

The Zombie Caste” at the end of volume 29.

Attack on Titan: OUTSIDE KOU

An illustration of a character from the official guidebook “Attack on Titan: OUTSIDE KOU” (published in September 2013).

KODANSHA USA Official Website:Attack on Titan Guidebook: Inside & Outside


Commander of 自宅警備団(home security corps).
His nickname among fans is “NEETwin”.
The way he eats potatoes and reads a manga was voiced in the voice lottery “エルヴィン・スミス失踪事件”.

  1. A teacher at Levi Kindergarten.
  2. The strongest cook in the human race, head chef Levi.

Official Spin-off

Attack on Titan: Junior High

Serialized in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine(別冊少年マガジン) (2012-2016).
A total of 11 volumes. 
Manga by Saki Nakagawa.

KODANSHA USA Official Website:Attack on Titan: Junior High, Volume 1


Teacher.Advisor to the Survey Corps.
He is said to be a “saint” because he treats both humans and titans without distinction, but he is actually bad guy.
He is the advisor of the home economics club where Levi is the only member, and is the producer of No Name (a bonus for the second disc of the anime “Attack on Titan: Junior High“, not included in the comics).
He was later transferred to Titan High School (“Titan High School“).


Junior high school student.Belongs to the Survey Corps.
He used to dislike Erwin, but now he is very close to Erwin.
A vocalist of No Name. After graduation, he went to Titan high school.

Must-see episode

Episode 41: “Bebop Junior High” (Home Economics Club)

No Regrets

A spin-off depicting the encounter between Erwin and Levi.
There are three versions, (1) comics, (2) visual novels, and (3) anime.

KODANSHA USA Official Website:Attack on Titan: No Regrets


A squad reader of the Survey Corps.


A notorious thug of the underground → a recruit of the Survey Corps. 
Also known as Gorori in Japanese.


Sukiya x Attack on Titan

An original story created through a collaboration campaign with Sukiya. (Running from August 21 to September 30, 2019)

Synopsis and character introductions are taken from the campaign website below.

Link: すき家×進撃の巨人 キャンペーン (Japanese)
Internet archive:


In the year 20XX, a certain place in the Japanese archipelago.
Eren Yeager, a member of the Survey Corps Co. Ltd, along with his boss, Section Manager Levi, and his comrades, continue to attack in order to confront the giant wall called society…  

Character Introduction 
  • Erwin

He is the 13th foreman of Wall Construction Co. Ltd.
He raises the morale of the construction sites with his intensity and leadership.
He was Levi’s senpai at school. In the past, he and Levi were legendary figures who ate up mega beef and cheese mega beef bowls together.

  • Levi

A section Manager of the Survey Corps Co. Ltd.
He has the role of leading the Survey Corps at the field.
His overwhelming skills allow him to handle requests one after another.

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