Must-see Eruri episode


The author:SAYAYA (Twitter:@388AOT)
The translator:Chusyaki (Twitter:@ak_1014_1225)
Japanese version:必見エルリエピソード

Of the many Eruri episodes, I have compiled a list of the ones I think you should know about.
Written page number will be based on Japanese version. It may different with overseas versions.

There are spoilers galore, so be careful if you haven’t read it yet.

Must-see Eruri episode

Original Story

  • After the battle against the Female Titan in the forest of giant trees, Levi is wearing a large black jacket that belongs to someone else.

Source: September 2013 Isayama-sensei Autograph Signing Event Compilation.

It was not stated who it belonged to, but it seems that other people’s things that a fastidious person can wear is limited …

  • Erwin is unmarried.

Source:Isayama-Sensei’s Q&A December 2013 issue(Isamaya-Sensei’s Q&A

  • Erwin’s little angel? ”Ergelchen”.

This was expressed as “Ergelchen(エルゲルヒェン)” in Japanese.
In Eruri vocabulary list(A to G) , I’ve been contemplating “Ergelchen”.

Source:episode 62 “Sin”, Levi was called by the code name “Elgelhein”.
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  • When members of Ackerman, clan devote themselves to their liege, they’re able to unleash extraordinarily power.
    Isayama-sensei: “For Levi , that person is Erwin.”

Source:Official guidebook “Attack on Titan: Answers(進撃の巨人 ANSWERS)” p.168

  • Regarding the fact that Erwin’s hand holding the syringe and Levi’s hand are touching (in the original comics, vol. 21, episode 83, “The Big Hatchet”), Isayama-sensei: “It’s possible that their hands moved on their own.

Source: Isayama-sensei’s autograph signing event (March 2018).
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  • Erwin’s bleached body was later picked up by Levi, and then he gave it a special burial.

Source: Isayama-sensei’s autograph signing event (March 2018).

  • The age difference between them is 3~4 years (at the time of Erwin’s death).

Source: Isayama-sensei’s autograph signing event (November 2020).

So Levi in the Marle Arc is either same age as Erwin or older than Erwin…. Ugh….

  • (Where will Levi look for motivation to fight now that he lost his irreplaceable person, Erwin?)
    Isayama-sensei: “He’s in a state of limbo. Part of me feels like that he has fulfilled his role in witnessing Erwin’s final moments.

Source: The Official Guidebook “Attack on Titan Character Encyclopedia(進撃の巨人 キャラクター名鑑)” p.157


  • Erwin turns into a zombie and attacks Levi, biting him.

Source: The end of the 29th volume of the original comics.
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  • There is a home economics club for the two of them.

Source: “Attack on Titan: Junior High” Volume 6, Hour 41 “Bebop Junior High”.
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  • In the scene where Erwin and Levi talk, the two books are meaningfully overlapping.

Source: The original direction of the anime Season 3 #38 “Smoke Signal”.

  • “Levi hasn’t changed. The loss of Erwin is so huge that afterwards his life in a sense is like ‘yosei’.” Levi’s voice actor, Hiroshi Kamiya, said.

※Yosei (余生) means like, the rest of one’s life (after raising kids or retiring) where you have nothing left to do.
(Translator: This excellent translation was done by Emika-san Thanks so much♪)

Source: The stage of AnimeJapan2021.

Events and Merchandise

  • They are taking time to heal together late at night.

Source: 2018 AOT Ichiban Kuji Lottery.

  • An illustration of a naked Levi with Erwin in his eyes.

Source: An illustration from “AOT THE ANIMATION GALLERY” held in 2018.

What the hell kind of situation is this…

  • There is an illustration of the scene 5 seconds before Erwin tries to wrap a scarf  for Levi.

Source: This is an illustration from the 2019 AOT calendar.

It’s used for various products.

  • Snowmen of Erwin and Levi, made by Erwin.

Source: AOT Snow play ver. graph art.

  • A ring that leaves their names on your finger when you take it off.

Source:Shingeki no Kyojin: Survey Corps Ring – Shoya Taniguchi. Official Site

The illustration you get as a bonus was also great.

  • The Eruri pendant represents the “strong bond between the members of SC”.

Source: [Shingeki no Kyojin] Double Ring Pendant Silver Shingeki no Kyojin U-TREASURE

The Eruri pendant is an example of a combination that “represents the strong bond between the members of SC with two rings that will never come off”.

  • Erwin: “I’m very sensitive.” Levi: “I know.”

Source: Voice Lottery “調査兵団マフラー事件”. 

They said this line in a great way…

  • After the survey, Levi and Erwin go out to eat after taking a bath for two hours.
    After the survey, Levi takes a bath for two hours and then he and Erwin go out and eat their meal together.

Source: Voice Lottery “調査兵団特別打ち上げ班 ~ 作戦名 O·MO·TE·NA·SHI~”

  • There is a dessert that has ice cream with the image of Erwin and Levi wrapped in a dorayaki.

Source: Served at Mixalive TOKYO “進撃の響宴 – ACT.1” held in September 2020.
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I wonder what it’s a metaphor for?

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