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The author:SAYAYA (Twitter:@388AOT)
The translator:Chusyaki (Twitter:@ak_1014_1225)

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On this page, I write about this site and why I created it.

About “ERL Round Up”

“ERL Round Up” is a fan site with official (semi-official) information about Erwin and Levi from Attack On Titan.
And this is the English version of the original “ERL Round Up ーエルリまとめー”.

The author and some of the translator is not a native English speaker, so sorry for if there are any strange sentences.

There are many spoilers.
Please be careful if you haven’t read it yet.

Why I created this site

This site was created based on the concept of “what I wanted when I was an Eruri recruit”.

The administrator is a new recruit who got into Eruri around 2013-2015 and came back out in the fall of 2020.

I was surprised to see how much Eruri has grown in the five years I was away.

I wanted to heal this shock, so I read up on the thoughts of the Eruri fandom, but… there was so much stuff I didn’t know!!!!

There is so much information that seems to be common knowledge among fandom, and it took me a very long time and effort to find out.

So, I made this site.

I need a website with all the official Erwin&Levi info!
And I want to know where the info comes from!

Where can I get merchandise?

Are those still for sale?

There’s so much fun information out there, it would be a shame not to know about it!

With this in mind, I created this site.

In particular, I hope that this site will reach out to Eruri recruits like myself, Eruri shipper who are struggling to gather info overseas.

I wrote about the reason why I created an English site on page “Two reasons why I created English version.“, so please read it!

Recommended Articles

Here is an article that I would like you to read.

I compiled a list of the many Eruri episodes that I think you should know.
You might be able to find some new episodes. (Updated as needed)

This is a summary of the many Eruri derivatives.
I’m also working on extras such as animals.
My favorite characters are the foreman and the section manager (Sukiya Eruri). Love.

I hope everyone who loves Eruri can enjoy this site, which was created by getting drunk on Eruri.:)

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