Eruri vocabulary list(P to Z)


The author:SAYAYA (Twitter:@388AOT)
The translator:RandomFangirl
Japanese version:用語集

The collection of words that frequently use by Japanese Eruri fan and words from comics, anime and spin-off story that related to Eruri.

The word explanation will be written together with the chapter number which the word is used and the topic that needed to see will be written also.
Written page number will be based on Japanese version. It may different with overseas versions.
This article is including spoilers, for those who have not read the manga yet please be careful.

Eruri vocabulary list(P to Z)

Eruri vocabulary list series.


Personal feelings (私情)

It was the word that Levi used as a reason for not giving Erwin an injection.

Source:Comics volume 21 chapter 85 “The Basement” , volume 22 chapter 90 “ To the other side of the wall”

Pouted win (拗ねヴィン)

It’s showing in Isayama-sensei’s official blog.
In comics volume 18 chapter 72 “Night of the battle to retake the wall”, when he was told that it would be dangerous and cannot go outside, he pouted his mouth.

Source:Isayama-sensei’s official blog “拗ねヴィン“(Japanese)


Right-hand man (腹心)

It appeared in the line of one of the king’s nobles in the scene where Erwin was interrogated in front of the king.
The scene shows that the royal government thinks that Levi is Erwin’s right-hand man.   

Source:Comics volume 15 chapter 61 “Reply”


School Castes (スクカー)

It is the abbreviation of Attack on School Castes at the end of comics volume 21.
About character, see the below link as a reference.

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Section manager (課長)

Levi’s character from the original story of the collaboration campaign with Sukiya.

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Smith (スミス)

Erwin’s surname. It means blacksmith.

Smith P (スミスP)

Erwin was the producer of No Name that appeared in Attack on titan Junior High.

Stubborn person(堅物)

There was a rumor that Erwin seems to be a stubborn person. It the word that appears in the conversation between Pixis and Erwin.

Source:Anime Episode 14 “Still can’t see: Prelude to the counterattack, part 1”

Sworn friend (盟友) 

The word was originally read as meiyuu but it’s written to read as Erwin.
After the comics volume 27 at the character introduction page at Levi introduction there is a sentence which is “盟友の遺志を継ぎ~” (To carry on the dying wish of a sworn friend).
The given Katakana to reading 盟友 is Erwin.

Source:After the comics volume 27 at the character introduction page(Levi)


Trumpet shell(法螺貝)

When there is recent news related to Eruri (event or goods, etc.), Japanese eruri shippers will post trumpet shell emoji on twitter to inform friends about the news.

Trumpet shell


White knit ・white sweater (白ニット・白セーター)

There was a goods with original illustrate sold by Movic on 13 December 2019. It’s the illustrate of Erwin, Levi, and Hange and Levi received a white sweater as a gift.

Wooden crate (木箱)

It is the word to indicate the scene in comic chapter 80 “ The unknown soldiers”. Wooden crate is the name that used to call comics chapter 80 and anime episode 53 “Perfect game”

Source:Comics volume 20 Chapter 80 “The unknown soldiers”  


Zombie (ゾンビ)

The Attack on Titan School caste at the end of comics Attack on Titan volume 29, characters turned into a zombie, the panel which history teacher turned into zombie and janitor was eaten by him became popular.

Source:Comics volume 29

Eruri vocabulary list series

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