September 2013 Isayama-sensei Autograph Signing Event Compilation


The author:SAYAYA (Twitter:@388AOT)
The translator:BAVAAAL(@BAVAAAL)
Japanese version:2013年9月諫山先生サイン会まとめ

Here is a compilation of Isayama-sensei Autograph Signing Event was held in September 2013 in Utsunomiya.

Isayama-sensei’s Autograph Signing Events are famous for their Q&A-like conversations between him and his fans.
This event is very popular among his fans, because it’s an opportunity to ask questions directly to the original manga author ( Isayama-sensei ) about the mysterious “Attack on Titan”.

In this article, I picked out from the conversations with his fans at the event, focusing on the questions and answers about Erwin and Levi.
Interesting questions were asked, for example about Levi’s age and family name

September 2013 Isayama-sensei Autograph Signing Event Compilation

The outline

Date:Sunday, 1st September 2013
Place:Animate Utsunomiya store

The official news release of Animate (Japanese):
Internet Archive:

This event was held to celebrate Animate Utsunomiya store’s winning ”Attack On Titan shop decoration contest”.

People who won tickets were invited to this event.
Isayama drew his chibi style character’s picture and signed on Atack On Titan #11 purchased by participants.
They can choose only one of Colossal Titan, Mikasa, Armin, Levi.

According to the article, 70% people chose Levi.

――Who was the most popular of the four?
Isayama:Levi was the best. 70% people chose him.He is too popular, I felt that I want to reduce his popularity.It would make me happy if they choose other one.I didn’t draw Armin much today. Oh dear, he was really not popular lol.
――Did you expect Levi to be so popular?
Isayama:Of course I have confidence in the design of his look and creation of his character, but his popularity is more than I expected.

In 2013, the first season is still on the air, Levi who was some kind of super sadistic was very popular, I think.
Isayama-sensei couldn’t have imagined that he would still be popular in 2021.

Also there is an article about this event on his blog.
It’s written entirely in Japanese, but you can see his chibi style characters pic.

URL:Hajime Isayama‘s official blog “サイン会とアニメの21話” (Japanese)

Questions from AOT fans

By the way, what happened in around September 2013?

  • “Attack on Titan” #11 was published.
  • Chapter 49 “Charge” was coming soon ( 9th September 2013 ).
  • The spin-off comic of Levi ”No Regrets” was released in November 2013.

Here is a selection of particularly interesting questions and answers about Eruri from the summary.

The conversation between Isayama-sensei and his fans is summarized in this URL (Japanese):
Internet Archive:

About Isayama-sensei said about “Attack on Titan” at the event, the editor Shintaro Kawakubo said “ It’s unofficial information. ” “If he comes up with better idea, they could be changed.” at the Autograph Signing Event in March 2018.

Some parts have actually been changed since then, so these articles are for reference only.

About their underwear

One participant asked Isayama-sensei about Eren and his friend’s underwear.
To my surprise, he replied  “They wear dirty underwear that stains won’t come off in the wash.” 

Does it means that all the survey corps soldiers wear similar underwear?
Levi has to wear dirty underwear even though he is a clean freak…Poor Levi…
It may be that he gets his underwear himself.

Speaking of underwear, I remember AOT original comedy-dram CD’s episode “The survey corps the scarf incident”! (See also: About Eruri in the original comedy-drama CD) coming soon!

Just for your information, in one scene of chapter 126 “Pride” full-colour version, Levi’s underwear looked white.

How old is Levi?

At least two people asked this question.
Isayama-sensei “How old do you think is he?”
The questioner “I think he is 30s.”
Isayama-sensei “Yes, I think so too.”

After that, his editor Kawakubo tweeted “Levi is older than thirty.”

That reminds me, I heard that there’s a rumor going around that Levi is 30 y/o.
I asked it Isayama-san, he said “He is older than 30 y/o, but I can’t say specifically because it might be related to the future story”.

Isayama-sensei told about Levi’s age in February 2016.
“I think he is in his early thirties.”

(See also: Isayama-sensei’s official blog: Erwin &Levi related articles part 1) coming soon!

Erwin’s real nature

“ I want to know about Erwin’s real nature. I guess he actually is a bit rough guy because he called himself ‘ ore* ’ in the anime.”

※There are several first person pronouns in Japanese. The word ‘ ore ’ is one of them for men. It sounds casual, masculine, slightly coarse. Normally, Erwin calls himself ‘ watashi ’ it’s a polite way to refer to oneself.

Isayama-sensei got stuck for answer lol.
Unfortunately he didn’t tell nothing about Erwin’s real nature, but we could know why did Erwin call himself ‘ ore ’.
Because he and Hange, Mike, Levi are close friends.
He doesn’t need to behave formally with them.

It was before chapter 51 “Squad Levi” ( Erwin’s creepy smile ) , everyone thought he is a respectable person.
Isayama-sensei once said “ I haven’t completed Erwin’s concrete personality yet. ”
I think he created the character of Erwin with great difficulty.

(See also: “Erwin is the ultimate man who plays an important role in the world building of AOT” from the stage greetings ) coming soon!

Levi’s family name

Isayama-sensei was asked about Levi’s family name.
He said,“ There is a reason why his family name is not revealed. ”

We have already found out why…!
And it’s very very important for this story…!

It was April 2014, chapter 56 “ Actors ” that his family name was revealed.
Please take look at Eruri vocabulary list about the family name “ Ackerman ”.

Whose jacket is that?

“ After the battle with the female titan, Levi was injured, he was wearing a black blazer.
Who’s is this?  “

Isayama-sensei answered,

“ It’s not Levi’s, somebody else’s. ”
“ For some reason, he was wearing a jacket that somebody had left around there. ”
“ My intention was to create a mood in which he was resting. ”

It was a surprising answer!

  • He’s a clean freak, but he didn’t hesitate to wear it.
  • Levi and the person are so close he can easily borrow clothes.
  • The jacket is too big for him.

There is just one person who meets the following criteria…lol
Also, Levi put on the jacket after getting off the carriage with him in the anime.
It’s definitely Erwin’s jacket! 
( This is my personal opinion lol. )

Compilations of other Autograph Signing Events

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