Isayama-sensei’s official blog: Erwin &Levi related articles part 1


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Did you know that Isayama-sensei himself has a blog?

The official blog of Isayama-sensei, “GenzaiShinkokei-no-Kurorekishi(Black History in Progress)” started in October 2009, and it is filled with behind-the-scenes stories about “Attack on Titan” and other treasures such as settings that are only revealed on the blog.

In this article, I’ll be picking out some of the must-see articles for Erwin and Levi fans from his blog.
My top three recommendations are “Episode 84: Midnight Sun,” “The episode before “Midnight Sun” which increased by 3 episodes” and “Sulking(Pouted) Erwin”!

Isayama-sensei’s official blog: Erwin &Levi related articles part 1

This is a episode of Erwin and Levi’s Model

Source: 7/15/2013 “Erwin’s Model”(Japanese)

This is an episode of character modeling of Erwin and Levi.

The model of Erwin Smith is “Ozymandias” from the original American comic book.
The guy in the middle of the SP in the music video “Paris Hilton for President”.

He looks like he could play the role of Superman.
I was influenced by his American comic book hero appearance.

And Levi was modeled after “Rorschach” from Watchmen.

That’s why he wears a scarf around his neck, and that’s why he’s so small.
He’s a very cool character!

This information was later passed on to the person who was in the PV, and I heard a rumour that he cosplayed as Erwin (source still to be confirmed).

2021/10/31 New!!

He played the guy in the middle of the SP in the music video “Paris Hilton for President”.

There are a lot of characters in “Attack on Titan”, but in the information currently available is only two of them, Erwin and Levi, have “Watchmen” as their source.
I get the feeling that the two were treated as a set from the time the when characters were created.

This article led me to watch the movie version of “Watchmen“, and I was surprised to see Ozymandias as a blond-haired, blue-eyed, good-looking guy with a sharp mind, who is the model for Erwin!
If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check it out.

Although Isayama-sensei writes “Ozymandias in the American comic book version”, so there might be some differences between the movie version and the American comic book version.

I’ll check out the American comic version next time.


Source: 11/9/2015 “Sulking(Pouted) Erwin” (Japanese)

A surprising commentary on Erwin in the original episode 72, “The Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall”.

He was told not to go out because it was dangerous.
I wanted to make it look like he was sulking with his mouth agape.

Until this article came out, I thought Erwin was the image as a representative of adults in the world of “Attack on Titan”.
And at the autograph signing event in March 2018, Isayama-sensei said that Erwin was the “charismatic boss for the main characters”. (Reference: March 2018 Isayama-sensei Autograph Signing Event Compilation part 2)

I was surprised that the character who had that image was “sulking with his mouth agape”. Sulking! Erwin is sulking! With a pout? (His image has changed a lot since then, hasn’t it?)

But still, the name “sulking Erwin”! 😂

About Levi’s age

Source: 2/29/2016 “U・S・J“(Japanese)

Correction to the statement about Levi’s age.
The correct image is that he’s in his early 30s (since it was said in 2016, it’s assumed that his age is as of 850 in the world of “Attack on Titan”. ).

As for Erwin and Levi’s ages, new information was revealed at the November 2020 signing, so I’ll summarize it separately.

About Episode 84 “MidnightSun”

Source: 8/9/2016 “Attack on School Castes” (Japanese)

I think this is the number one article in Isayama-sensei’s blog that Erwin & Levi fans need to read.
It’s an explanation of how “Attack on School Castes” came to be and about the original story, episode 84, “Midnight Sun”.

And really, this “Life is Strange” is a masterpiece.
Every time the main character goes back in time, she learns that life is a series of irreversible choices.

Life is a series of unbearable losses and partings.
I’m talking about whether or not you can accept that.

In fact, the content of this month’s issue is blatantly influenced by it.

When I read the players report on Life is Strange, I thought to myself, “This is a must-play game…! (Thanks for the repo!)

The blog also mentions bromance, so Isayama-sensei likes bromance…? Hmmm? I was smiling to myself…

Previous episode of “Midnight Sun” with 3 more episodes

Source: 9/1/2016 “What? There’s only three months left in this year?(Japanese)

The backstory of the original 85th episode “The Basement” was that it was originally planned to be at the end of the 20th volume of the comics.

The reason for this was that three more episodes were added as a result of trying to depict the characters’ emotions. (The last story in the 20th volume of the comics is episode 82, “Hero,” so this would be the episode that was added.)

Erwin’s Character Song

Source: 9/18/2016 “Siren Night(Japanese)

Isayama-sensei said that if there is a character song for Erwin, it’s “Silent Night” by RHYMESTER (the article says “Siren Night” by RHYMESTER).

I don’t think Levi’s character song has been revealed, has it?

Isayama-sensei’s official blog: Erwin Levi related article series

This is the second in a series of articles from Isayama-sensei’s official blog about Erwin and Levi.

Isayama-sensei’s official blog about Erwin Levi Part 2 (coming soon!)

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