Isamaya-Sensei’s Q&A


The author:SAYAYA (Twitter:@388AOT)
The translator:Tukimi
Japanese version:諫山先生へ一問一答!!

In Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine(also known as “Betsumaga”), the monthly manga magazine which Attack on Titan was serialized, there was a section called “Isayama-Sensei’s Q&A” where Sensei gave answers to the questions sent by his fans.

From these Q&As, I would like to introduce you the ones that have relevance to Erwin and Levi.
(My opinions come after the ※ mark.)

Isayama-Sensei’s Q&A

Cited from the official website

Q.How well are the members of the Survey Corps paid? I guess they are getting a decent amount of money especially after becoming a commander.

A.Their salaries are a lot lower than that of other regiments.

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※It’s sad to know that they aren’t paid much despite of their high death rate.
Since they are having difficulties in achieving their missions even though they have to continuously fill the shortage of soldiers(because they get eaten up by titans), they might have lower status than other regiments.
Perhaps the Interior Squad of the Military Police Regiment are paid a lot more than other groups.

Cited from Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine(or “Betsumaga”)

October 2013 issue

Q.A lot of soldiers die at the exterior scouting missions. How are their deaths reported to their family?

A.The soldier of the highest rank among the survivors visits each home with a letter of death notification.

※There must be untold episodes regarding reporting of the soldiers’ deaths.
Maybe there were times they were condemned.
Has Levi done the reporting for the fellow members of Squad Levi?

December 2013 issue

Q.Is Commander Erwin married?

A.No he isn’t, because he knows he may meet his end at any time.

※He must be a person with high responsibility on any terms. Maybe he has a notion that as long as he has to “gamble,” he can’t seek his ordinary happiness to have a family of his own. 
Eruri fans were rejoiced because this Q&A had appeared on Betsumaga along with Chapter 51 “Squad Levi,” and the manga series ofNo Regrets had started around the same time.

Q.In what situations does Captain Levi smile?

A.Maybe when he has found a super useful cleaning tool. 

January 2014 issue

Q.What are the favorite foods of Sasha and Captain Levi?

A.Sasha loves basically any kind of meat. Captain Levi loves drinking tea.

※In an autograph signing event in November 2020, Isayama-Sensei has revealed that Erwin’s favorite food is Mont Blanc(a French pastry made of chestnut purée and whipped cream). 

Sensei has actually drawn a picture of Erwin eating a Mont Blanc in the charity he participated in 2018(西日本応援イラスト集).
Numerous manga artists have offered their illustrations for this charity in order to support the people of Western Japan who were suffering from torrential rain disasters.

May 2014 issue

Q.What was Erwin’s nickname during his childhood?


※Why would you call a man with such nickname “Blondie?”  

August 2014 issue

Q.Does Levi wish to be a bit more taller?

A.He does.

Q.Do the characters of AOT take bath everyday?

A.Not so often as modern day Japanese. Body odor is considered a good thing in their culture.


November 2014 issue

Q.Does Captain Levi participate in the cooking of the squad?

A.He would rather do the cleanup afterwards.

※I definitely agree with that.

March 2015 issue

Q.What are the characters shown on the January cover made of?

A.They are manjyus(sweet buns). What do you think the fillings are, maybe koshi-an(smooth bean paste) or tsubu-an(mashed bean paste)?
Tourimon(a famous confection of Fukuoka, the prefecture bordered on the west by Oita, the prefecture where Sensei was born and raised) is delicious, isn’t it. 

※Some of the Japanese Eruri fans call Erwin and Levi on this cover “Manjyu Eruri.”


July 2015 issue

Q.What is Levi’s favorite tool?

A.He believes in cleaning cloths the most.

August 2015 issue

Q.Does Erwin use hair gel or pomades?

A.He does use hair styling products. He’s quite particular about it.

January 2016 issue

Q.Why is Captain Levi wearing a scarf?

A.That’s because he saw Watchmen.

※Is he still in his adolescence or what?

Q.Why are the body weights of Mikasa and Levi a lot heavier than they look?

A.It’s because of the ‘invisible powers’ that are working within them.

September 2016 issue

Q.Does Captain Levi prefer milk or sugar for his tea?

A.Since products like sugar are very valuable in their world, even a captain has to drink his tea black.

December 2016 issue

Q.Which would have won if grown-up Levi and Kenny had fought one-on-one?

A.In my view Levi has actually won that battle he has fought with Kenny. (Probably Sensei is referring to the bar scene.)

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